Upgrading your Telstra Tough (T90) and / or Telstra Easy Touch Discovery (T2) handset

Why do I need to upgrade the software for my Telstra Tough (T90) or Telstra Easy Touch Discovery (T2) handset?
To improve the performance of our mobile network, we'll soon be introducing new technology. This technology can cause Telstra Easy Touch Discovery 2 (T2) and Telstra Tough (T90) phones with earlier software to freeze or power off in certain conditions. You'll need to upgrade your handset software so your phone continues to work once the mobile network is upgraded.
Why are we doing this?
The new technology helps maintain the quality of the Telstra mobile network. It also lets you browse the web on your handset faster.  It's important to upgrade your phone's software so it works when this new technology is introduced.
What you will need to do?
Just follow these steps to upgrade the software on your handset. It should only take about 15 minutes.
You'll need access to:
  • A PC or laptop running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (the upgrade is not possible via an Apple Mac).
  • an internet connection (ADSL or Cable connections are recommended, Wi-Fi or Mobile Broadband connections are not recommended).
  • the USB cable that came with your mobile handset, as pictured below.
USB Cable
  • make sure your PC doesn't have a firewall active and you're not behind a corporate firewall.
We're here to help
If you don't have access to a compatible computer or your original cable, just call our upgrade team any time on 1800 991 826 for other upgrade options.
Telstra Business customers can contact us on 1800 991 503 or Telstra Enterprise and Government customers can contact us on 1800 730 062.
To get started, click below on the Telstra handset that you have:
Telstra Tough (T90)
Telstra Easy Touch Discovery (T2)
If you prefer, you can follow the instructions by viewing or printing this PDF below.