What is Telstra Platinum?

We all use technology and we all love our gadgets, but not all of us have the time or knowledge to get them working the way we'd like.
With Telstra Platinum our tech experts help with the perfect setup, fix problems and give advice on devices including computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, Smart TV's and the internet.
Telstra Platinum is more than just technical support. We're here to provide coaching, help and advice at home, in-store, on the phone or online.
So, for a small monthly fee, you can sit back, relax and enjoy getting the most out of your technology.
Telstra Platinum ongoing support
What does Telstra Platinum support cover?
Key areas that are not supported include:
Difference between Telstra Platinum and our standard technical support?
Telstra Platinum support over the phone
Telstra Platinum support In Home
Telstra Platinum support In Store
Telstra Platinum support Online
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