What are some common questions about Static IP for ADSL?

What is a Static IP? What does it allow?
An IP address is the unique online 'phone number' that other computers use to contact yours while you are online.
Typically, ADSL users are assigned a dynamic IP address at the start of each online session. When you subscribe to the Static IP for ADSL service, we also reserve a consistent IP address for your use. It means other computers and people will be able to locate your hosting computer or server across the Internet, so that you can provide them with a range of web-based services.
Do I have to subscribe to BigPond Broadband ADSL to obtain the Static IP for ADSL Service?
Static IP for ADSL service is only available to BigPond Broadband ADSL subscribers. Alternatively, you may consider Telstra Internet Direct
How do I order Static IP for ADSL?
You can only order online by visiting here.
Can I have more than one Static IP address with my Static IP for ADSL service?
No. Please note that a single primary user login can only have one Static IP address per BigPond Broadband ADSL service. If you have multiple logins, only the primary account will be assigned a Static IP address. All sub accounts will still be provided with a dynamic IP address and will have to use the standard dynamic realm. If you require more than one static IP address, consider moving to Telstra Internet Direct.
Can a customer request a particular Static IP address?
No, customers are allocated a Static IP address from a Pool of available IP addresses at that time.
How much does the facility cost?
For information about the latest pricing of the service, please visit our Internet planssection.
Which modems will be supported?
Supported CPE models in Bridge Mode are:
  • Alcatel Speedtouch Home
  • Alcatel Speedtouch USB
Supported CPE models in Router Mode are:
  • 2Wire 2071A (Standard)
  • 2Wire 2701HGV-W (Wifi)
  • Thomson Speedtouch 510
  • Thomson Speedtouch 530 & 536
  • Thomson Speedtouch 570 (wireless)
  • Thomson Speedtouch Pro
  • Siemens 4200
  • Siemens 6520 (wireless)
How do I configure my modem to cater for my Static IP for ADSL Service?
After you have run the install CD, you will be set up in dynamic IP mode. You will need to manually configure your modem to operate with static IP.
For router modems, including Speedtouch Pro, 503 and 510 modems:
  1. open the browser to and
  2. change the login name as shown below:
For bridge modems, you must change your login client so that the username reads username@static.bigpond, where 'username' is substituted with your own username.
Should you have any further questions or comments, please call us on 133 933 or click on the customer service form to email BigPond technical support.
Can I keep my Static IP address if I move interstate and continue to subscribe to Static IP for ADSL?
No, you will not be able to keep your Static IP address if you move interstate. Each state (WA, ACT, NSW, SA/NT, VIc, QLD and TAS) has its own Static IP address pool.
When moving interstate, you will need to:
  1. Unsubscribe online or call our BigPond Broadband ADSL Billing & Sales on 13POND option 3 who can unsubscribe you on the day of the move.
  2. Subscribe to BigPond Broadband ADSL, if ADSL is available at your new address.
  3. Once your new ADSL service is active, subscribe online for your new Static IP for ADSL service. You will be provided with a new Static IP address valid for that state when you re-subscribe.
Can I keep my Static IP address if I no longer subscribe to the BigPond Static IP for ADSL service?
No, your Static IP address is not portable and it reverts to Telstra when your Static IP for ADSL service is terminated.
Can I use my Static IP address and dynamic IP address at the same time?
No, a user cannot be logged in via the static and dynamic realm at the same time. Use of thestatic IPservice is only available in the user's home region. The primary user can have (optionally subscribe) for Static IP and a secondary user can have only dynamic IP.
I've just set up the ability to receive my invoice via a bill but I haven't yet received an email confirming I've subscribed to my Static IP address?
You will need to complete the sign up process by subscribing to the Static IP service. Setting up a billing relationship is only part of the sign up.
My usage meter displays different times for my Static IP usage and dynamic IP address. Which one is correct?
At the moment all Static IP usage is rated in EST (Eastern Standard Time). Dynamic IP usage is rated in your local timezone. If you are based in a non-EST timezone state then your static IP usage will not be in your local timezone.
Can secondary users have access to Static IP?
No, Static IP is only available to primary ADSL users.
If I am interstate can I access my Static IP address?
No, if you have a Static IP address but have logged in away from your assigned/home region you must use your regular BigPond username and password (dynamic realm) and not your static.bigpond username.
How do I change my Static IP address?
You are not able to change your Static IP address. The only option to change your allocated IP address is if you unsubscribe then re-subscribe after 37 days (30 + 7) you will get a new IP address (there may be some chance you will be allocated the same IP address by the system, however we cannot ensure this and do not have any obligation to do so).
You can unsubscribe to the service either online or by calling BigPond Broadband ADSL Billing & Sales on 13POND option 3.
How do I move my Static IP address when I move house?
If you are moving to a new location within the same State then you will be able to keep your old static IP address. You will not be able to use your Static IP service until your ADSL service is reconnected. Once you have the new phone number that you will be using for the ADSL service in your new address, please call the BigPond Broadband ADSL Billing & Sales on 13POND option 3 to check if you can keep your old Static IP address.
When will the charge for my Static IP service appear on the bill?
As with existing BigPond additional services (e.g. spam filter, firewall, email anti-virus) billing arrangements for BigPond Broadband ADSL, it will be listed as an additional item on your additional services on-line bill. You will be automatically charged every month based on the day you subscribed to the Static IP additional service. This charge, along with the charges from any other additional services to which you have subscribed, will be added up and submitted to your credit card or to your Telstra bill, depending on the billing option chosen for the additional services. This will happen on a regular monthly basis on a day unrelated to the charge date for the actual Static IP additional service.
Is the fee pro rated if my Static IP for ADSL service is cancelled?
Yes, you will receive a pro rated rebate for the remaining subscription period. There is a minimum charge of one day's subscription for the service. Please note that your monthly service charge of $10 is charged in advance. Please also note that if you cancel your BigPond ADSL account without cancelling your Static IP for ADSL service first then the remaining period is not rebated but is kept as a termination fee.
Can the primary user and secondary users be logged in at the same time?
No. Only the primary account can login to the Static IP for ADSL service.
Do I need to modify my ADSL configuration when cancelling the service?
Yes, you will need to change your login name from username@static.bigpond to simply username. For router modems, including Speedtouch Pro, 503 and 510 modems, open the browser to and then change the login name to your ADSL service username.
You will need to manually configure your modem to operate back to dynamic IP rather than static IP via this browser interface login. This process also applies if you wish to change between Static and dynamic IP address services.
How am I billed for the Static IP for ADSL service?
You can elect to be billed via your Telstra bill, paper or online account. Alternatively you can select to be billed on your Credit Card.
Can a user use the Static IP login username username@static.bigpond.com for their BigPond Usage, Music Download and Email Login's?
No. The BigPond Static IP for ADSL login username is only for the customers ADSL modem or Router to log into the DSL service. The customer will need to use their normal username@bigpond.net.au for the other services. The username@static.bigpond.com username, which was provisioned for the user when they got the Static IP for ADSL service, is only used for authentication of the DSL service and not for any other service that requires a login account.
Is the service compatible with all systems? Eg. Are there minimum system requirements?
For information about the minimum system requirements of the service, please visit our ADSL info centre.
How am I notified of my Static IP address?
Upon registration online you will be provided with a Static IP address that has been allocated to your account in your home state. Once the Static IP for ADSL service is ready for you to use you will be sent an email confirming the account setup and the email will also contain the same Static IP address you were provided online as part of registration.
The Static IP for ADSL subscription confirmation email will be sent to the primary account holders designated contact email address.
What are the support boundaries provided around this service?
Although the Static IP for ADSL service allows greater flexibility and the use of a range of different services, such as games, servers, and virtual private networking, BigPond cannot provide support for such services and is limited to that outlined on the ADSL System Requirements page.
How do I check that my Static IP address is allocated to my session?
If you have connectivity to the Internet via a modem/router, including Speedtouch Pro, 503 and 510 modems, open the browser to and check the IP address allocation listed under the "connections" option.
If you are directly connected to the Internet via your Network Interface Card (NIC) Windows XP inbuilt Client, right click on the networking icon that represents the BigPond Session to access "properties"; click on the "support" tab or through the Networking menu options.
If you are familiar with the command prompt (DOS) you can also type in the following command;
ipconfig /all
for a detailed list of allocated IP addresses for each interface on your computer.