How do I plug in and set up T-Box to my TV and the Internet?

First of all make sure you have everything you need to get started:

  • A TV with either a spare HDMI, composite or component connection. HDMI is recommended for the T-Box.
  • A BigPond high speed broadband connection – we recommend Cable, Velocity or an ADSL Fast plan. Find out more about BigPond high speed internet plans.
  • An Ethernet, or a Wi-Fi connection to your broadband modem, (such as a BigPond Home Network Gateway). Ethernet connectivity provides the best experience and is recommended for the T-Box.
  • A BigPond Movies account. If you don't have one. Register for BigPond Movies now.


Connecting the T-Box to your TV:
Connecting the T-Box to the Internet:
Watch the videos: