Separate Purchases on your bill explained

What are the Separate Purchases on my bill?
Premium SMS charges from service providers are located in the 3rd Party Charges or Separate Purchases section of your bill.
These messages can be identified with '19' at the start of the number. These charges are set by the service provider. Telstra does not supply the content and does not control the price, or the purchasing instructions for these services.
Find out: how to unsubscribe from premium SMS messages, or you can check a service provider's name and phone number at the 19SMS website.
When a service name has the letters MO or mo attached to the 19xxxx number (eg 19xxxxMO), this means that you have sent the message.
When a service has the letters MT or mt attached to the 19xxxx number (eg 19xxxMT), the Premium SMS service provider has sent the message as part of the service.
Full details of your 3rd Party Charges or Separate Purchases can be viewed online, or by contacting us. These details will include information about your call itemised transactions, purchase dates as well as the service provider's name and contact details.
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