Registering your T-Box

Why do I have to register my T-Box?

The full features of your T-Box can only be enjoyed once you've registered your box and connected it to your BigPond broadband service. The full feature set of the T-Box includes viewing of BigPond TV channels, BigPond Videos, BigPond Movies, YouTube, full program guide and personal video recorder functions such as single touch recording.

Registering your T-Box will also allow you to subscribe to Foxtel if you are eligible.

Why do I have to register my T-Box?

Here are the instructions for T-Box registration:

  1. In order to register your T-Box you will need your registration code.
  2. T-Box registration code (Reg. Code) can be found underneath your T-Box. Alternatively you can go to Main menuàSettingsàT-Box InformationàRegister your T-Box.
  3. Now go to
  4. Login using your primary BigPond email ID and password. (NB: please ensure that we highlight the word PRIMARY as we've received so many CEO complaints where customers have tried registering their T-Box using a secondary BP ID and ended up in error.)
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your T-Box.