How can I find out the number of my last unanswered call?

To find out the number of your last unanswered call (except for blocked numbers):
  1. Pick up the phone and press *10#
  2. The last unanswered phone number within the last 48 hours will be announced (except for blocked numbers).
  3. You'll then be given the option of calling the missed number by pressing 1.
It costs 35 cents to retrieve the number of your last unanswered call (except where the number is blocked). If you decide to return the call by pressing '1', standard call charges will apply. This feature is free of monthly charges to most customers on HomeLine® Plans.
If a call goes through to MessageBank®, Telstra Home Messages 101® or an answering machine, it's considered answered and won't be available with Call Return.
Things you need to know: not available for some call types or silent lines.