Can I be charged for a call if it does not get through or is not answered?

You are only charged for calls that are answered, including calls you make to any of the following:

  • Another person
  • An answering machine (including products like MessageBank, Missed call notifications service)
  • A fax machine
  • A switchboard (PABX) which after having answered, transfers a call to an extension which may or may not answer
  • A data modem
  • A private call diversion machine
  • A diverted call which is answered by any of the above
  • A recorded information service for example, the time or weather information service
  • A security company when a domestic or personal security alarm service is connected and part of the service includes automatic calls to the security company
  • 1800Reverse

Please note that sometimes you will make calls that are very short. Reasons for this include:

  • You call a number but the other party does not immediately answer. Thinking that the other party is not available, you take the phone from your ear to replace the handset or terminate the call on your mobile phone. In that period of time between taking the phone from your ear and ending the call, the other party answers the call.
  • You call a number and as the other party answers you realise you dialled the wrong number, so you immediately end the call.
  • The call has diverted to an answering machine, MessageBank or similar product however you terminate the call before you hear the greeting or do not leave a message.
  • The person who answers a call, quickly hangs up afterwards.
When are calls not charged?