What is BigPond SMS and how does it work?

Please note this is only available if you connected prior to February 2012.

How does it work?
  • BigPond SMS lets you send SMS messages from your computer to mobile phones. (the mobile must be capable of receiving SMS messages)
  • You must have internet access and a BigPond account.
  • You must be both a BigPond member and Telstra mobile post-paid customer to use the service.
  • If your mobile service is disconnected, you can't use online SMS any more. You'll need to nominate another valid mobile number from the settings menu in BigPond SMS
  • Messages can be sent to non-Telstra mobiles.
  • There are no limits to the number of messages you can send. You mustn't use BigPond SMS to send commercial electronic messages as defined in the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) in breach of the Spam Act.
  • In your address book you can have up to 100 groups, and up to 250 entries within a group. You can have up to 500 entries in total.
  • After every 50 messages, we'll send you a notification message to your nominated mobile service.
What's different from sending an SMS from my mobile?
  • The maximum characters allowed in a message is 140 (you're allowed 160 from a mobile to mobile)
  • BigPond SMS only supports the English character set, (ASCII). Some foreign characters may still work if your message is kept short, but we can't guarantee it will be delivered.
  • BigPond recommends you use a mobile handset (instead of BigPond online SMS) if you want to use a character set other than ASCII.
How do I send and receive messages overseas?
Sending an SMS to international mobile phones
  • You can send BigPond SMS to mobile phones (that are SMS capable) on some international networks.
  • However, Telstra can't guarantee that messages sent will necessarily terminate on the relevant international carrier's network. The recipient won't receive the message in this case.
Sending an SMS if you are travelling overseas:
As long as you're connected to the internet, you can send an SMS message from wherever you are in the world.
How much does it cost?
  • All domestic SMS messages are charged at 25 cents per message, per recipient
  • All SMS messages sent to international mobile phones are charged at 35 cents per message, per recipient.
  • If you send one message to a Group list, then you'll be charged per message and for each recipient. So if the message is sent to 5 different mobile phones on a Group list, you'll be charged 5 times the per message charge.
Note: You're charged for the message (at the appropriate rate) regardless of whether the message actually reaches the handset. If the handset is switched off, out of range, or has a full SIM card memory, there is a possibility the message won't reach the handset. Telstra will attempt to deliver the message for up to seven days. You'll only be charged once, regardless of the number of attempts made to send your message.