What's BigPond doing to help fight spam?

BigPond is committed to reducing the amount ofspamthat reaches the mailboxes of BigPond Members and originates on our network. Here's some information on what we're doing to help:
Network Spam Filter
BigPond has a networkspam filterthat filters all email before it reaches the mailboxes of BigPond Members - it blocks over 40 million spam messages every day! It compares unique identifiers of known spamwith new messages coming in to determine what should be rejected. Examples of messages that will automatically be blocked include:
  • if it's from a knownspam sender
  • if the body of the message is exactly like known spam
  • if it appears to be forged in some way
Our library of unique identifiers is constantly updated to ensure it blocks as muchspam as possible, but with new spammers emerging every day and they find new ways to trick our spam filter, it's inevitable that some spam won't be caught.
BigPond Security including email Anti-Spam
BigPond Security includes a personal email spam filter you can activate on your BigPond email account. The BigPond Security Email Spam Filter kicks in after the networkspam filter and uses a series of methods and rules to determine what's likely to be spam. Instead of removing them like the network filter above does, it moves these messages to a 'Spam' folder in in your MyInbox instead of deleting them altogether. If you think a legitimate email might have been blocked by the filter, you can easily retrieve it.
Email limits
BigPond prohibits the sending ofspamunder the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy, in Part A - General Terms for BigPond Services of the BigPond section of Our Customer Terms. On top of that, however we need to put in place measures to protect against spamming because sometimes our BigPond Members might have a virus or worm on their computer sending out spam without even realising it.
So, we limit the amount of email a Member can send over a period of time as set out under Mail Limits in Part A - General Terms for BigPond Services of the BigPond service section of Our Customer Terms.
Investigating suspected spammers
We investigate all complaints and once we can confirm that the email did actually originate from our network, we take action. If the spam comes from an unsuspecting BigPond Member whose been infected with a Trojan or worm, we may suspend the service until they can eliminate the virus from their PC. If we think it's a deliberate attempt atspam,we may take additional steps like terminating the sender's BigPond service and reporting the breach to ACMA for possible prosecution.
Managing the use of Port 25
We also manage the use of Port 25. Each computer that's connected to the internet has many ports, or channels, which they use to send and receive data through. Worms and Trojans commonly use port 25 to spread themselves by sending spam to various addresses (including the ones in your address book). If you didn't have anti-virus or firewall software, you probably wouldn't realise you were infected and sending hundreds of spam messages every hour. So, like many other ISPs, we've put certain restrictions on port 25 to limit spam-proliferating Trojans and worms. more...