Activate My Pre-Paid Online

How do I activate my Telstra Pre-Paid Service?

When activating your Pre-Paid service for the first time, you'll most likely have just purchased a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit or a new Pre-Paid device with a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit.

Before you activate, please have on hand:

  • Your new Telstra device or SIM starter kit
  • Your previous account information (if bringing your service number from another provider)
  • A valid form of ID, either:

One of these: Australian passport - Australian driver's licence -Birth certificate


Two of these: Debit or ATM card - Medicare card - Bank passbook

To activate your service:

  • For Pre-Paid Android mobiles purchased through Telstra, insert the Pre-Paid SIM and turn on the device. Tap the widget on the home screen which says 'tap to activate' and follow the prompts.
  • For Blackberry  please call us on 125 8887 from a Telstra phone, or call 13 22 00 from a non-Telstra phone, and say "Pre-Paid" when prompted. Once you're speaking to a consultant ask for a 'BIS activation'.
  • For all  Pre-Paid smartphone and tablet activations, insert the Pre-Paid SIM and turn on the device. Type into the browser and follow the prompts. You can access this page without an internet connection or credit balance.
  • Alternatively, you can visit from a computer with an internet connection.

Once your request has been submitted, it can take up to four hours for your service to activate but is usually up and running in around 10 minutes.

If you chose to bring your service number from another provider other than Telstra, that provider needs to complete their part of the number transfer (which can only be processed on business days).

How do you know if your service is active?

You'll get an email or SMS confirmation once your service is active. Remember to refresh by switching your device off then on.

You can check the status of your activation anytime at using the order number in the confirmation email.

To check if your service is active on your device:

  1. With your Pre-Paid SIM card inserted, turn your device on
  2. Check if signal bars appear, or if you're using a mobile broadband device or tablet, try accessing the internet

For further support, we're here to help.